Above us, the moon inches up the sky
as if being lifted by string. Orange, pregnant with light
and hazy with waves of heat. He looks up, hopeful,sweet. Innocent of all this.
My voice, it’s a whisper. I have
something to tell you.


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“Natalie Appleton’s memoir is both travel account and love story, gritty and graceful. A totally clear, honest and generous story of losing and finding oneself, and an indelible read.”
Alix Hawley, author of All True Not a Lie in It 

“Natalie Appleton writes beautifully and in the confiding voice of your very best friend. Anyone who’s ever felt the need to go far away to find home will surely see themselves in the lovely and compulsively readable pages of I Have Something to Tell You.”
Theo Pauline Nestor, author Writing Is My Drink

“A gifted travel writer, Natalie Appleton writes about Bangkok with a journalist’s eye for detail and a poet’s turn of phrase. In short, sparkling chapters, she tells the tale of losing herself to find herself in an original voice with a 21st century spin. I Have Something to Tell You beckons irresistibly for readers to follow from small-town Canada to big-city Asia and back again.”
Elisabeth Eaves, author of Wanderlust and Bare

“I Have Something to Tell You is more-than-memoir by blending the genre with a poignant poetic voice and an exquisite journalistic perspective. Appleton says, “all these words are true. But they are my truth. And so this story is imperfect, in the way so many designs of humans are.” This heroine’s journey is so universal and relatable that every one of Appleton’s truths ripples with authenticity. When she says, “I have something to tell you,” it is not only a soft confession to the reader, but also to the ones Appleton loves and to herself.”                                                                                                                                     —Kerry Gilbert, author of Tight Wire


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